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Why Veera Electric?

The rise of a star in the sky of Iran’s plugs and sockets industry

Veera Pro Model

Exceptional beauty coupled with state of the art mechanisms, conforming to the latest international standards

Beautiful and Modern

Alpha Model

The circular structure design of the Alpha model gives a special style and beauty to your décor

Mirror light switches and sockets, beautiful and luxurious

Omega Model

In Iranian culture, water and mirror are symbols of purity, candor, lucidity and radiance. The popularity of mirrors in architecture and interior decorations is not without reason. A mirror, on account of its ability to reflect light, not only bestows upon its surroundings an exceptional effect, but can also make the space feel twice as bright.

For those of simple tastes

Delta Model

For minimalists who care about simplicity and beauty ...

کلید و پریز دلتا
Let the radiance of light create the exquisite patterns of beauty

Crystal Model

Based on the amount of light entering your home, the crystal design of switches and sockets, by reflecting light, add an attractive look to your decoration

Simplicity is always beautiful…

Veera Simple (Economic)

Veera basic, a plain design for switches and sockets, also known as Veera Economic, is one of the best-selling and most popular models, specifically for modern designs and decorations, thanks to its reasonable price and minimal design.