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The current era may be aptly named the era of quality. In such competitive climate of mass production, only manufacturers providing higher quality products and better after-sales services may be successful. In fact, quality control has become one of the main concerns prior to product manufacturing. Improved quality control leads to the efficient use of available resources, lowering production costs even further.

Test Finger

Protection against the risk of electric shock, lack of contact of the test finger probe with live parts

High Voltage

Electrical Endurance Test, withstanding voltage of 2000 V AC


Insulation Resistance Test applying 500 V DC

Durability Test

Electrical Endurance Test, withstanding voltage of 2000 V AC

Impact Test

Mechanical Endurance Test, Impact Application

Glow Wire Test

Resistance of insulating materials against abnormal heat and fire, wire flame test at 650 and 850 degrees Celsius


Heat resistance, 100°C temperature test and Ball pressure test at 125°C temperature

Moisture Test

Resistance to aging and humidity (test at 2+, 70 degrees Celsius for 7 days and nights)