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The 20th Tehran International Construction Industry Exhibition, titled Iran Confair, is a 4-day event that was organized by Iran Chamber of Cooperatives on September 10-13, 2020. This event, which is a specialized and prestigious exhibition in the field of construction, gathers many chartered practitioners and experts from this field. The previous term of this exhibition (2008), witnessed the attendance of more than 1000 domestic companies and over 200 foreign companies, from countries such as Turkey, China, Russia, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, France, Belgium, Japan, Germany, Spain, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Sweden, Malaysia, the UK, the USA, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Vietnam and the Netherlands. Last year’s exhibition had more than 6,000 visitors.

  • Electrical and electronic equipment (switches and sockets)
  • Work safety equipment (boots, clothes, masks,
  • Doors, windows, glass and related machinery
  • Automatic and roll-up/sliding doors
  • Industrialization and new technologies
  • Lifts and elevators
  • Paint, glue, resin, sound and thermal insulation
  • Architecture, design and decoration, facade, and landscaping
  • Steel profiles, bars, beams and related industries
  • Stone, sanitary ware, accessories and products and machines and related tools
  • Pipe and connections/fittings, sewage treatment systems
  • Prefabricated roof and wall panels and tiles (sandwich panels, etc.), Flooring (tiles, ceramics, parquet, etc.)
  • Primary building materials (concrete, plaster, bricks, etc.)
  • Bathroom, sauna and kitchen
  • Heating and cooling systems/equipment
  • Metal ornaments in buildings (Door handles and knobs, locks etc.)
بیستمین نمایشگاه بین المللی صنعت ساختمان